About me


Zadok Buurmans

Aspiring Game Developer

A bit about the past

Since I was a child it has been a dream of mine to develop my own video games. Growing up I didn't have the latest console and games, but I did have some handheld consoles and always played games on them given the chance. Due to me always spending my time playing videogames on those handheld consoles I developed an interest in how those games were made. Ever since that interest I have taught myself how to make websites and small programs. Eventually I got to the age where I could decide what I wanted to learn in school, a no-brainer, I instantly knew what I wanted to study and where, Media Technology at the Grafisch Lyceum in Rotterdam.

How are things now

Nurturing the feelings from the past I have grown into the developer with a love and interest for all languages. I enjoy coding stuff in PHP, HTML5, JQuery, C#, C++, Python, Java and a lot more. Some of these languages I haven't mastered as well as the others, but I enjoy working in them none the less. I always try to push myself and learn new things with each project. Even if a project is the exact same as an older one, I will still try to innovate myself and become an even better programmer.

The future is unknown to man

No one can know for certain what the future may bring for us, but I hope to one day be able to call myself a fullfledged game developer, I'd like to either work for a company or start for myself as an indie developer. I would like to be able to create games that make people think, make them wonder and possibly even influence the world around us, make it a better place through videogames.


I am experienced with the following scripting/programming languages and programs.
PhotoShop CS5  Android Studio  Unity  Notepad++  XCode  Dreamweaver CS5  Eclipse  Visual Studio  Flash CS5 / ActionScript 3  PHP  MySQL  Swift  C#  CSS 3  HTML 5  Java  JavaScript