Zadok Buurmans Portfolio

Aspiring Media / Game Developer

My name is Zadok Buurmans, I am 26 years old and currently work as a Functional Manager of Geographical Data for the county "Hoeksche Waard".
I have been playing games ever since I was just a kid, over the years this passion has grown further into the realm of creating them. In my spare time I like the read up on game-related news and dabble in creating bit and pieces of code for both games and websites. From time to time I run into a problem in my mind which makes me go "This should be so much easier..." and I usually end up writing some code relating to the problem or even build a (private) website for it.
If you wish to learn more about me, my past and my vision for the future you can read all about it on my about page.

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Game: PacMan in Unity

Languages: C#

For a school project I've worked together with a small group of people to recreate a classic arcade game. We've chosen to recreate the arcade classic, PacMan. The coding is done entirely in C# with support from the Unity Engine.

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Site: Sinterklaas

Languages: HTML, PHP, MySQLi

A simplistic website for a local holiday "Sinterklaas", the website allows users to register, edit a wishlist and see who they have drawn (and that person's wishlist) once an admin has drawn the members. Drawing the members goes randomly and it is impossible to draw yourself or someone who has already been drawn. Admins can alter and remove any accounts and messages posted. The admin can also change the text on the index page.

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